Electronic waste (or eWaste) refers to the disposal of broken or obsolete electronic components and materials. We do not accept eWaste as in many cases it does not have a resale value, therefore it is not in your benefit to send to us.

Unfortunately, if received we end up having to spend time processing and disposing which limits the amount of time we can spend processing and maximizing value on your other assets.

So what do we consider as eWaste?

Assets We Will Not Accept

  • CRT Monitors
  • Flat screen TVs with obvious damage including cracks, breaks, and punctures
  • Rear Projection Big Screen TVs
  • Tube Style TVs
  • Open/Used toner or printer cartridges
  • VHS Players
  • Outdated electronics with no resale value (unless otherwise stated on page 3 of our Guidelines For Asset Shipping & Pick-Up)
  • Surplus electronics

Assets Which, If Received, We Will Dispose Of Without Attempting To Sell

  • Cable TV Decoder Boxes
  • Electronics deemed (upon further inspection) to be of no individual or bulk value (obsolete technology, banned/prohibited/restricted items, destroyed/damaged items, etc.)
  • Outdated Media (VHS, Cassette Tapes, etc.)
  • Pirated Media (Pirated CDs, DVDs, or other media)

While we do not accept eWaste assets (and will dispose of it if received), they can be valuable and recyclable. If you have eWaste, we recommend looking for an EPA certified recycler near you.