We’re adding a couple of steps to our already simple pick-up process for increased security.


To get started, please separate your valuables (jewelry, watches, etc.) from your other items prior to our team arriving for your pickup.


When we arrive, we’ll ask if you have any jewelry or other valuables and if so, we’ll ask to verify all items on siteDuring this step, we’ll go through the manifest and verify the valuable item on the manifest is in one of the boxes we are picking up.


Once we’ve both verified the valuable items on the manifest are on the pickup, we’ll initial each SKU on the manifest to designate that you handed off the item to us.


We also understand that you may not have time to verify all the items. If so, we’ll write “unverified,” noting that you were unable to confirm the item was handed over to us. 


This process is designed to verify and secure your items every step of the way as we send them to auction.